What Is RTV Silicone Sealant?

What Is RTV Silicone Sealant?

RTV silicone sealant is one of the types of silicone sealant used in the market. RTV stands for room temperature vulcanizing, i.e. it cures at room temperature. This silicone cures immediately when exposed to room temperature. RTV silicone sealant is highly adhesive because it is water-repellent and holds its shape in extreme conditions. 

In the following sections, we’ll learn more about RTV sealant and its uses.

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What is RTV silicone sealant?

RTV silicone sealant is one of the most widely used silicone sealants in aviation, aerospace, consumer electronics, and microelectronics. The second most commonly used type of silicone rubber is High-temperature RTV silicone sealant which cures at high temperatures and is used in various industrial applications. 



Uses of RTV silicone sealant

RTV silicone sealant is used in many tasks like:



RTV is a great option for gaskets because it doesn't get damaged by most chemicals and it can bend when pressure is applied. The shape of it is highly forgiving which makes it perfect to use on surfaces that aren't completely smooth.

We all know about gaskets found in cars' engines, but they are used in every scenario where we need something to cushion contact between two surfaces.



is used to bond common household items together. Sealers block water from passing through joints or other surfaces. A thin layer of silicone sealant is applied around the home windows, bathroom tiles, and as well as sinks to keep the water away.. 



RTV sealant is used in numerous crafts materials like attaching models, making scrapbooks, and many other things. It dries clear and can be easily removed from most of the items. Also, it doesn't alter the overall appearance of your work.




RTV silicone sealant is an excellent sealant when it comes to casting and molding. When silicone is used around molds, it doesn’t lose its shape for a very long time. When brushed, curing happens at a much faster rate, but less than the latex.


Benefits of using RTV silicone sealant

There are numerous benefits to using RTV silicone:

  • It is chemical and temperature-resistant.
  • It has a long shelf life
  • The application of this sealant doesn’t require a releasing agent.
  • RTV silicone comes in a wide range of thicknesses, so it can be applied through a brush, bottle, or by spraying.
  • During the process of curing, it doesn’t shrink
  • It can catch fine details when used in casting and molding



Dos and don’ts while using RTV silicone sealant 

  • Check that your sealant is suitable for what you're using it on. Check the packaging carefully before you start any project.
  • It's just as important to know which glue gun to use as it is to know the right sealant. You need one that matches your special cartridge. 
  • You don't need much RTV silicone for the task, especially when making a gasket. More stuff will spill over into the wrong spots.
  • Wait for the whole curing time before you use your project. RTV cures by reacting with water in the air. Therefore, the curing time is influenced by the humidity in the environment. In dry places, it will take a long time to heal; on the other hand, in very humid spots, it cures fast.
  • Don't put RTV silicone on a metal surface with zinc.
  • Get your surfaces ready, best done in 24 hours before putting on the RTV silicone. You would want to clear away any waste and leftovers that will stop things from sticking, hardening, or curing. For things like glass, plastic, and metal you can clean the surfaces with a liquid called mineral spirits.
  • Don't use soap products to clean your surfaces. Soaps make a gunk that gets in the way of things sticking to each other.
  • Keep extra sealant neat by taking air out of the pack, then store it in a cool and dry place. Usually, this means getting the sealant stuff to the end of the cartridge and then putting it back on its lid. If there's any air in the cartridge, it will surely harden the material. 



In this blog, we have learned that RTV silicone sealant is one of the most commonly used sealants in the market. It cures at room temperature and its added properties will help you finish the task effectively and on time.  RTV stands for room temperature vulcanizing. There are further two colors available in RTV silicone, i.e. black RTV silicone sealant and red RTV silicone sealant. Red RTV is used in industrial tasks, construction sites, metal working and electrical industries. Black RTV sealant acts as an indoor/outdoor sealant for joining different types of materials like glass, metal, and plastic together.  If you are planning to try out an RTV silicone sealant, visit resilsilicones, and order your sample now. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Is RTV silicone sealant waterproof?

Yes, it forms a waterproof and weatherproof seal when applied on the surfaces.


Is RTV silicone sealant permanent?

Yes, it forms a permanent seal when used.


Does RTV require 24 hours to cure?

Yes, it needs a minimum of 24 hours to cure properly. The number of hours may increase depending on the thickness of the application.


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