Empowering Innovation

Where Your Application Meets Our Expertise: Our customer-centric hub for innovation and applications research delivers exceptional value through tailored solutions, technical expertise, and superior customer experiences. We aspire to achieve driving product development, growth, and sustainable success for Resil and our valued clients.

End-use solutions

Personal Care

Our dedicated Personal Care application labs provide tailored solutions across personal care segments. The creative process is handled from trend-based formulation and prototyping to advanced performance testing and stability assessment, using top-tier international equipment and techniques.

Agro Care

Our Agro Solutions Laboratory is a hub of pioneering research and development in agricultural care and related fields. Our dedicated team channels its collective expertise and technical skills to innovate and refine solutions that bolster agricultural efficiency, sustainability, and productivity.

Industrial Specialties

Our Industrial Specialties Laboratory, part of the Innovation Center, spans various fields, including Agro care and industrial specialties (such as paints and coatings, construction, release agents, and lubricants), pharmaceuticals, and industrial antifoams.

What we offer

Customer-driven application development
Application support
Performance Evaluations
Raw material/Additive recommendation
Guideline formulations
Product & Prototype validation