Frequently Asked Questions

What are performance chemicals?

Performance chemicals, like our silicones, are specialized chemicals that enhance the properties or performance of end products in various industries.

Are your silicones eco-friendly?

We prioritize sustainability and ensure that our products are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly manner. (Further details can be provided based on company practices).

How do I select the right silicone product for my needs?

You can consult our product guide or get in touch with our technical support team for personalized recommendations.

Do you offer custom formulations?

Yes, we can tailor our silicone products to meet specific industry needs and requirements.

How can I request a free sample of your silicone products via your website?

Navigate to the ‘Products’ section on our website, select and add the desired product to cart, and fill out the required details. Our team will process your request promptly.

Is the quality of the free sample representative of the bulk product?

Yes, the samples we provide are representative of our bulk products, ensuring you can test and evaluate them confidently.

What are your payment terms?

We offer various payment terms and options. Please discuss specifics with our sales team.