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Personal care

The versatile attributes of silicones immensely augment the aesthetics, performance, and texture of personal care products, delivering unmatched durability and protection. At Resil, explore superior silicone additives, meticulously crafted for skin, body, and hair care essentials, bestowing a luxurious, silky smooth sensation upon application.

When it comes to choosing the best silicone for the personal care industry, there are numerous options. Under our personal care range, we have silicone products for hair care, body care, skin care, sun care, and color cosmetics. Each of these different categories has its own set of silicone products. Each of our silicone products for personal care is manufactured to provide you with a sense of luxury, comfort, and sophistication when applied to the skin.

We have 5 exclusive silicone products for personal care, which are listed on the website. If you are planning to order a sample from us, we recommend that you go through that exclusive product list. Each of these silicone products will have its own shelf life, usage instructions, and properties. These products are made from non-toxic substances, hence they will not be harmful to your skin.

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36 Total Recommended Products

How to try and test our silicone products for personal care?

At Resil, we manufacture different types of silicone products for personal care. You can follow the steps below to order your sample:

1. We have 36 different types of silicone products in our stock and you can choose any one/more of your choice between them.

2. Select your sample and choose your desired sample quantity from options available in 50 ml, 100 ml, and 250 ml. Details regarding its shelf life, storage instructions, and packaging information are available directly on the website.

3. Provide your shipping details, and we'll promptly dispatch your sample.

The technical data sheet is available for each silicone product, containing all the necessary information about the product including its capabilities, usage instructions, and detailed specifications. Try our product out and you can later order the required quantity by contacting us. If you encounter any difficulties in determining the type of silicone product you need for the personal care industry, feel free to contact us, and we’ll assist you in every possible way.


    Along with the easy formulation, they offer ease of application whenever needed in the industry.


    Free from harmful chemicals and substances, these products are non-toxic to your skin and will not cause any harm.


    They are versatile and have unique properties, thus making them the best choice for the personal care industry