Custom Research & Technology Innovation

Performance Resil offers highly flexible custom manufacturing capabilities with rapid and confidential support to customers requiring reactive silicone-based intermediates and fine chemicals. We specialize in handling hazardous and reactive materials in bulk quantities and sourcing basic chlorosilanes as a starting material for various products.


Why Choose RESIL

24/7 QA service for R&D, pilot, and manufacturing.

Advanced instrumentation (GC, GC/MS, ICP/MS, MALDI, UV-VIS, IR, NMR).

Real-time & fast-tracked control sample aging studies.

Specialized labs for testing in personal care, agro, antifoams, lubricants, and coatings.

Research Capabilities

Natural polymers
Emulsion polymerization
Equilibration reactions
Gum and elastomer blends
Mechanical emulsions
Condensation polymerizations
Hydrosilylation reactions
Polymer functionalization and copolymerization

Manufacturing Capabilities

Emulsion capabilities (2000 metric tonnes/month; 5-12 KL; bottom and Cowles homogenizer)

Blending capabilities (500 metric tonnes/month; 3-5KL)

Glass-lined reactors (400 metric tonnes/month; 3-8 KL)

High viscous mixing (100 metric tonnes/month; 600 KG)

Pilot and bulk hydrosilylation reactors (20 metric tonnes/month for pilot; 100 metric tonnes/month for bulk; 0.25-2KL)

Bulk equilibration reactors (400 metric tonnes/month; 3-8KL)

Devolatilization capabilities (Volatile to nil) (250 metric tonnes/month; 250-500 T)

Analytical Capabilities And Infrastructure

Secure lab access ensures data confidentiality.

Dedicated analytical unit upholding top-tier quality and change management standards.

Expert team with PhDs and MSs specializing in polymer chemistry, natural polymers, hazardous chemistry, and structure-property correlations.

State-of-the-art lab focused on product innovation, feasibility checks, and large-scale translation

Equipped with translatable reactors such as a 5L jacketed glass reactor, 5L distillation setup, and a 15L SS316 emulsion reactor.

What We Offer

Personalized, Confidential Customer Support

Quick Feasibility Analysis

Fast Tech Transfers & Process Development

Adaptable Volumes & Reactor Options (Grams To Tons)

Advanced Lab Capabilities For Rapid Product Troubleshooting And Quality

Expertise In Scaling Up Hazardous Chemistries

The R&D And Analytical Team Offers Round-The-Clock Support To Operations

Certifications & Accreditations