What is the difference between 100% silicone and extended silicone?

What is the difference between 100% silicone and extended silicone?

Silicone comes in different forms and varieties. Each type of silicone has its own chemical structure, properties, and applications. The two most common types of silicone sealant are 100% silicone and extended silicone.


In this blog, we’ll explore the differences between 100% silicone and extended silicone based on their composition, properties, durability, prices, and applications.



Extended silicone is composed of various substances, including hydrocarbons and mineral oils, in addition to silicone. In contrast, 100% silicone is composed entirely of silicone polymer and does not contain any oil or solvent.




100% silicone sealant is more resistant to temperature fluctuations, UV radiation, and chemicals. It also has superior adhesion and flexible properties, as compared to extended silicone. This property of superior adhesion ensures long-lasting bonds and seals; thus maintaining the structural integrity of the application. Manufacturers can customize the properties of extended silicone to meet specific needs and requirements.



100% silicone can last up to 15 years without losing its durability and sealing properties. On the other hand, extended silicone may require replacement sooner or later, depending on external environmental conditions and applications.



Due to its composition of silicone polymer, 100% silicone sealant is higher in both cost and quality compared to extended silicone.



There is an extensive difference between the applications of 100% silicone and extended silicone. 100% silicone is preferred where excellent adhesion and flexibility are required, such as in the construction and automotive industries. Whereas, extended siliconeis used for general-purpose applications.



Manufacturers must understand the differences between 100% silicone and extended silicone to ensure their products meet desired specifications. Both 100% silicone and extended silicone are used in the market depending on the application.


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