What are silicone emulsions?

What are silicone emulsions?

An emulsion is a stable mixture of two liquids that are normally insoluble with one another. Typically, one of these liquids is water, and the other is a water-insoluble liquid. Silicone emulsions are composed of silicone, generally in the form of silicone oil or water, and other emulsifying systems to achieve a stable formulation.


Characteristics of silicone emulsions

silicone emulsion are:

  1. pH:
  2. Variations in the pH level do not destabilize the formulation, but it does impact the final formulation where emulsion is incorporated. To avoid altering the final product, silicone emulsions are usually adjusted to a neutral pH level.


  3. Viscosity:
  4. Viscosity measures the fluidity of a silicone emulsion. Silicone emulsions usually have very low viscosities, typically below 1000 cps, thus making them highly fluid products. A low viscosity indicates a well-emulsified product with small particle sizes.


  5. Solids:
  6. Solids, also known as dry extracts, refer to the percentage of non-evaporative material left after the drying process of the emulsion. The dry extract is related to the quantity of silicone content in the emulsion. In general, silicone emulsions are formulated with 20-60% of the dry extract.


  7. Filtration:
  8. Silicone emulsions can be filtered through tiny meshes due to their low viscosity. This characteristic allows them to be easily used in products like adhesives, paints, coatings, and varnishes.


  9. Stability:
  10. Silicone emulsions are stable products that can be stored for extended periods without any harm. Certain types of emulsions are capable of withstanding extreme cold temperatures, making them suitable for use in cold climates.


  11. Particle Size:
  12. Silicone emulsions have small particle sizes, which is directly related to their stability. The smaller the particle size, the more stable the emulsion is.


  13. Wetting:
  14. When silicone emulsion is used in coatings, it may lead to uneven coverage. This occurs due to the wetting issues of silicone due to its inherent properties.


  15. Toxicity:
  16. Silicone oil is the main component of silicone emulsions. It is not considered a toxic or dangerous liquid. Silicone emulsions can be discharged into wastewaters, as the silicone settles with the purification sludge, resulting in non-classified residue.



Classification of silicone emulsions

Silicone emulsions are further classified into two groups based on their particle size: silicone macroemulsions and silicone microemulsions.

  • Silicone Macroemulsions
  • It is also referred to as ES-type silicone emulsion. Silicone macroemulsions are formulated with preservatives and the macroemulsion has a whitish appearance. The average particle size ranges from 0.1 to 1 micron. Silicone macroemulsions can contain up to 60% silicone. Different viscosities of silicone oil are used in the formulation of macroemulsions, with 350 cps and 1000 cps being the most common.


  • Silicone Microemulsions
  • It is also referred to as EMPOL-type silicone emulsion. Silicone microemulsions are formulated with preservatives that ensure microbiological stability. These emulsions have very strong particles, typically ranging from 0.5 to 0.2 microns. Silicone oil, used in the formulation of silicone microemulsions has a very high viscosity, exceeding 100,000 cps. The formulation contains a dry extract of around 40%.



Silicone emulsion stands as an important component in various industries due to its exceptional properties such as thermal stability and lubrication. The different types of emulsions play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of products ranging from automotive to personal care items.


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