Silicone emulsion manufacturers in India

An emulsion refers to a stable mixture of two often incompatible liquids, such as water and water-insoluble substances like mineral or vegetable oil or silicone. Silicone emulsions, crucially formulated with silicone oil, water, and emulsifying systems to achieve stability, play a significant role in various industries. Silicone, characterized by a finite chain of silicon and oxygen atoms, also contains organic groups like methyl (CH3) groups, providing semi-organic traits to silicone oil.

Technical characteristics of silicone emulsions, a vital consideration for silicone emulsion manufacturers in India, include:

1. pH: Non-ionic emulsifiers are commonly used, making pH less critical for stability. Adjusted to a neutral pH to prevent formulation issues.

2. Viscosity: Indicates fluidity, with low viscosities below 1000cps for well-emulsified products with small particle sizes.

3. Dry Extract: The percentage of non-evaporative material in the emulsion after drying, usually ranging between 20% and 60%.

4. Particle Size: Silicone emulsions have small particle sizes, directly linked to their stability.

5. Free Monomer: Some silicone emulsions may contain volatile or semi-volatile free silicone monomers, detectable through gas chromatography.

6. Wetting: Silicones can cause wetting issues in coatings, affecting coverage and surface quality.

Silicone emulsions are categorized into silicone macroemulsions and silicone microemulsions based on particle size. For silicone emulsion manufacturers in India, understanding and optimizing these technical aspects are crucial for producing high-quality silicone emulsions tailored to specific industrial needs.


The silicone emulsion is also resistant to extreme temperatures and exhibits excellent thermal stability.


Along with the easy formulation, they offer ease of application whenever needed in the industry.


Free from harmful chemicals and substances, this developed silicone emulsion contributes to a safer working environment and reduces the carbon footprint.

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