Amino functional silicone fluid

Silicone fluids, pivotal as starting materials for diverse silicone products through chemical functionalization, offer a versatile range of viscosities ranging from 100 CST to 60,000 CST. This broad spectrum enables the customization of desirable properties, facilitating the transformation of hydrophobic silicone fluids into more or less hydrophilic molecules. Reactive silicone fluids, terminated with groups such as OH polymers or amino functional silicone fluids with amino or epoxy groups, exemplify this adaptability.

One notable application of this versatility is observed in amino silicone shields. Serving as both reactive and non-reactive amino-modified silicone, it imparts excellent elastic properties, bounce, softness, and a silky finish to various fabrics, ensuring durability and a unique handle. In the realm of amino functional silicone fluid manufacturing, this process seamlessly integrates the production of these essential materials. Additionally, if necessary, an emulsification process can be applied to further enhance the functionality of these silicone fluids.


The amino-functional silicone fluid is resistant to extreme temperatures and exhibits excellent thermal stability.


Along with the easy formulation, they offer ease of application whenever needed in the industry.


Free from harmful chemicals and substances, this amino silicone fluid contributes to a safer working environment, reducing the carbon footprint.

Applications of amino functional silicone fluid

Amino functional silicone fluid, easily transformable into an emulsion using non-ionic emulsifiers commonly employed in textile and leather industries, imparts surface smoothness, a soft handle, suppleness, and a silky finish. This quality withstands repeated washing cycles, making it particularly beneficial for various applications such as Sarees, Suiting, 100% Cotton, Hosiery, Blended Yarns, Fabrics, Towels, and Denim. In collaboration with amino-functional silicone fluid manufacturers, amino silicone fluid, a variant, offers exceptional softness while preserving hydrophilicity, proving highly effective for products like Terry Towels, Nit Wear, Cotton, and cotton blends. Notably, the product accommodates both padding and exhaust methods for application.

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