DPAF 243

Resil DPAF 243 is a silicone antifoam concentrate emulsion, specially designed as an effective defoamer to be used in specialty industrial applications like;  Personal care and Household cleaning products.  Personal care products like shampoos, hair gels and conditioner formulations to avoid extensive foam.  Detergent liquids and softeners.  Leather industries.  Metal working fluids.  Waste water treatments.  Paper and pulp.  Agrichemicals.  Vegetable processing.  Paint and coating industries.


Shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture, when maintained under given storage conditions, Shake well before use.



Keep the original containers closed in cool, dry and ventilated rooms.

Avoid heating of the containers.

Close the containers tightly during intervals when not in use.



DPAF 243 is available in 50 or 200 kg HMHDPE containers.

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