Optasol CEL is medical grade 50% silicone dispersion, in aliphatic and isopropanol solvents, is developed for use as a lubricant for cutting edges, including razor blades, scissors, scalpels, hypodermic needles. The active silicone used is an amino functional dimethylsiloxane copolymer. The polar nature of the amino functional groups and the ability of the fluid to cure, cause films to deposit and adhere to metal cutting edges.
However, it might also be used in other applications that would benefit from:

  • A room temperature curable coating.
  • The chemical functionality that attracts the coating to polar surfaces (metals and some plastics).
  • A more substantive coating than pure polydimethylsiloxane fluid.



It is stable up to 6 months form the date of manufacture, when stored in the original
unopened container at or below 32 °C.



As Optasol CEL fluid is a reactive polymer, moisture from the air or wet solvents will increase polymer viscosity and eventually cause the polymer to gel.

Once opened this fluid should be promptly used. If this is not possible, container should be tightly resealed.

As an extra precaution, the head space of the open container should be purged with dry nitrogen.



Resil Optasol CEL is available in 50/180 kg HMHDPE container.

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