RESIL MH-35E is a water-dilutable reactive methyl hydrogen siloxane emulsion. The emulsion forms of this emulsion allow the user to easily dilute to the desired use level with normal water.


Shelf life of RESIL MH35E is 12 months when stored below 32 C in its original unopened containers.



When stored between 5 C and 30 C (90 F) in closed but vented containers, this product has a usable life of 12 months from the date of manufacture. Do not store at temperatures above 38 C (100 F)

RESIL MH-35E emulsion evolves hydrogen gas. When used with a catalyst, or in the presence of bases, heavy metals or their compounds, the rate of hydrogen evolution increases. Do not store RESIL MH-35E emulsion as received in unvented containers. And do not store catalyzed and /or diluted RESIL MH-35E emulsion in unvented containers. Keep sparks and open flames away from catalyzed emulsion and adequately ventilate areas where it is used. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.


RESIL MH-35E emulsion is available in 50 & 200 kg HMHDPE non-returnable containers

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